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Revealed: What You Need to Know About Environ Cool Peel

Have you ever considered getting a chemical peel? It is an attractive skin treatment because it promises improved skin texture, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and can help with acne scarring.

However, the word “chemical” or “acid” peel can sound a bit scary. If you’re looking for the same great results as a chemical peel without the harsh and damaging treatment of your skin, then Environ Cool Peel might be the perfect option for you.

What is Environ Cool Peel?

The Environ Cool Peel is a revolutionary approach to peels as a skincare treatment. This is a non-invasive technology that supports the natural process of healthy skin, helping your best skin come forward by healing cracked, dry and itchy skin.

Contrary to ordinary chemical peels, Environ Cool Peel is very gentle and focuses on using acid to remove the top layers of the skin by exfoliation. The difference in the skin from a Cool Peel, before and after, is renewed, healthy, and glowing skin.

This treatment is a fantastic option for uneven skin tones, pigmentation correction or acne-prone skin because it can help purify and loosen up the gunk within your pores to give you healthier, clearer, and smoother-looking skin!

How Does It Work and What Makes It Different?

An Environ Cool Peel treatment works by gently peeling the skin, preserving as much of the outer layer of skin as possible. It has a cooling effect and stimulates cell tissues underneath, increasing collagen levels that in turn improve the appearance of your skin and encourage cell renewal. The Environ Cool Peel differs as it leaves you with a fresh glow and minimal down time, if any.

As mentioned, the Cool Peel focuses on gently peeling the skin, preserving much of your outer epidermis, unlike traditional chemical peels that use harsh acid to strip away the first few layers of your skin.

Environ Cool Peel is scientifically formulated to have low pH levels to keep your skin preserved, while still promoting healing benefits.

This peel is light and is accompanied by a Vitamin A treatment to prep the skin beforehand in order to cause as little trauma to the skin as possible, providing the best results possible. It is safe to use in conjunction with microneedling or laser treatment , such as a tightening laser facial treatment to offer even better results in the skin’s appearance.

What Skin Issues Does It Treat?

The Environ Cool Peel facial treatment was designed to promote healthy skin and encourage healing. This treatment can therefore help with a number of different skin issues, including:

  • Improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

  • Softening the texture of skin for a smooth look

  • Improving the texture and appearance of oily, blemish-prone skin

  • Restoring youthfulness and radiance to the skin

  • Reducing the appearance of red marks, age spots, and rosacea

  • Helping skin that is in need of hydration

What Are the Benefits of the Environ Cool Peel?

This peel offers all the great benefits of traditional chemical peels without the use of harsh acids on your skin, which can counter the effects that you’re looking to achieve.

Using a Cool Peel treatment, you can improve the look of your skin, encourage increased collagen for firmer and more youthful-looking skin, and significantly help treat acne-prone skin to reduce breakouts and improve the look, feel, and texture of your skin.

The benefits of the Environ Cool Peel are very much in the non-invasive and gentle peeling techniques used. It aims to protect your skin’s health while still offering it the benefits of a peel. This type of treatment actually feels cool and comfortable and is completely customizable to give you a great experience (and the best results) depending on your skin type.

Ready to book your Cool Peel with the Waterloo Medical Cosmetics team? Text us today at (226)887-1208 to set up an appointment!

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