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Our Go-To Tips for Looking Your Best During Zoom Calls

With COVID-19, many of us have found ourselves working from home. This has also led to many of us saying in our PJs for the majority of the day. However, there’s still plenty of online meetings to be had, which means occasionally from the waist-up you’ll have to look somewhat professional.

While ensuring your top-half attire is work-ready, what else can you do to guarantee all of your Zoom meetings go as they would in-person? What should you be aware of? We’ve got all the tips you need to make sure you look your best during all of your Zoom calls. Read on to learn more.

Choose Good Lighting

There’s nothing worse than having a Zoom call where you can barely see the person on the other end. And in today’s world, technology is good enough that this really shouldn’t be the case.

Ideally, you want lighting that comes from behind your computer screen. This will light up your face and make it easy for the other person(s) to see your facial expressions as you discuss business. In many cases this is important, since many of us communicate through our non-verbal gestures. It can help you connect with the person on the other end — and if you’re making a sale, it can even help you seal the deal.

If you’re not sure about what lighting to use, purchase a ring light. A ring light can help minimize blemishes and prevent shadows — all good things!

Avoid Low Angles

Let’s just be honest here: Low angles don’t really look great on anyone. Plus, it may appear to the person on the other end that you’re looking down on them — also something you probably don’t want.

The fix? Make sure your camera angle is straight on. If you need to, use books to prop your computer or phone up so that this is possible. You can also purchase laptop stands and more to further achieve this effect.

Pick a Simple Background

The best Zoom backgrounds are simple and plain backgrounds. There’s nothing more distracting than a busy background, such as one with a mess or people moving around.

Ideally, you want a plain wall behind you. If this isn’t possible, a bookcase or a few small items are okay. You probably don’t want anything that may look unprofessional (such as your Xbox or Playstation set-up in the background) or to distract others from what you’re saying. You want them to be listening to you. As such, it’s best to ensure they will be with minimal background interference.

Take Care of Your Skin

Yes, your skincare routine matters here! You do not want to look like you just rolled out of bed (and this may involve taking a shower or doing your hair or makeup to look presentable). Generally, first thing — before you start your workday — perform your skincare routine. This should involve exfoliation and moisturizing. That way, you’ll look ultra-fresh on every call.

Keep It Professional!

And that means looking the best you can on each Zoom call and meeting. You don’t want to give your co-workers, clients, or colleagues any reason to think you’re less capable than they are. Because the truth is you aren’t! So, put your best foot forward, and use our tips above.

Let Us Help You Look Your Best

If you’re interested in freshening up your look, our team at Waterloo Medical Cosmetics can help you look your absolute best. Text us at (226) 887-1208 for a complimentary virtual consultation or fill out our contact form to schedule your next appointment today!

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