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Interesting Facts About Botox

Botox injections are one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in the world and have been extremely popular in the cosmetic industry since the 1990s. But despite its place in the public consciousness for at least three decades now, there’s still a lot that the average person doesn’t know about Botox. Today we’re going to enlighten you with some of the most interesting facts about this treatment that will give you a better understanding of what Botox is.

Discovered In The 1800s

Although it only became a mainstream treatment in the 1990s, Botox came to life back in 1885. The Botulinum bacteria that these injections are derived from was discovered by a Belgian bacteriologist named Emile Van Ermengem during that year.

In 1953, a physiologist named Dr. Edward J. Schantz made the discovery that purified botulinum toxin type A in crystallized form (known as BTX-A) could be used to temporarily relax the muscles. It was this discovery that would lead to the Botox injections we now know and use today.

More Men Are Getting Botox

Since its introduction into the medical lexicon, Botox has mainly been seen as a treatment for women only. Like many cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, Botox injections have been initially less popular with me.

We’re ecstatic to announce that this is no longer the case. Over time, society has become far more progressive. As a result of this, many men around the world are more open to cosmetic treatments and looking after their appearance in general. In fact, according to CNBC, there has been a 20% increase in men seeking out cosmetic procedures since 2010, and male Botox patients have jumped by 27%!

Treatments Can Take Just 30 Minutes

Some people seem to think that a Botox treatment takes hours at a time, but this simply isn’t true. Some Botox treatments can take as little as 20 minutes! The duration of treatment will vary between customers, but a typical round should only take between 20 to 40 minutes. This is part of what makes Botox such a convenient treatment, as you can literally pop over to your nearest clinic on your lunch break and be back in time for work.

Botox Treats Your Muscles (Not Your Skin)

Another common misconception of this treatment is that Botox injections act directly on your skin, making it smoother and tighter in the same way that collagen-synthesizing treatments like radiofrequency therapy do. However, this isn’t the case at all! Botulinum toxin, which makes up the Botox injection, is injected into the muscles rather than the skin (though of course, the needle will pass through the skin’s surface). The small amount of toxin then relaxes your muscles, reducing the muscle activity and contractions that cause your skin to furrow and fold. Over the coming weeks, this will cause your wrinkles and fine lines to become noticeably smoother and diminished in appearance.

At Waterloo Medical Cosmetics, we believe that Botox injections are a misunderstood cosmetic treatment that is proven to be a safe and effective anti-aging treatment for men and women. At our clinic in Waterloo, Ontario, we offer multiple Botox treatments, including traditional Botox, Dysport (another brand of Botox injections), and Botox Hyperhidrosis, which treats excessive sweating.

If you want to know more about these treatments and our practice, or you want to see Botox before and after photos from previous treatments, text us at (226)-887-1208 to book your first consultation with our trusted team of cosmetic professionals.

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