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Filler Myths We Really Need To Talk About

Fillers have redefined the cosmetic industry, as more and more people discover Restylane Dermal Fillers to plump lips, reduce jowls and under eye hollows. Despite the immense popularity of fillers and the impressive results we see on many individuals, including famous figures, there are still incorrect myths floating around.

Many people use dermal fillers to give their face and lips more volume and reduce the visibility of Under eye hollows and smile lines. As individuals age, they lose collagen in their faces, and their lips get thinner over time, making them look older. Cosmetic fillers are a sure way to give us plumped up lips and an overall younger-looking face.

If you’re interested in getting a cosmetic filler but have reservations, we’re here to dispel common misconceptions about the treatment. From whether filler looks natural or not to if you can remove it, we’re busting four common filler myths.

Myth 1: They won’t look natural

There is a fear among many people that fillers can look unnatural. However, if you receive cosmetic filler injections from an experienced nurse Injector, you shouldn’t have to worry about this. Less is more, especially when it comes to fillers and a qualified specialist knows this.

By choosing to go with an experienced nurse to receive your dermal fillers, you’ll get a highly individualized treatment. A qualified practitioner will be able to look at your face and know exactly how much filler to put in certain areas to achieve a natural-looking result.

Myth 2: They are irreversible

Thanks to certain celebrities' influence, cheek and lip fillers are now the most requested procedures at cosmetic spas. A reason for their popularity is that they are non-permanent and, therefore, 100% reversible.

Since the majority of dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, they can easily be dissolved. Suppose you don’t like the results of your cosmetic filler. In that case, a substance called hyaluronidase can be injected into the specific areas to safely dissolve it and return your lips or cheeks to their natural state.

Myth 3: They are painful

If you’ve seen dermal filler treatments take place, then you might think it’s a painful procedure since it involves injecting a foreign substance into your face. However, if you feel any pain, it’s likely to feel similar to receiving a small injection.

When receiving facial or lip fillers, the practitioner will apply a numbing cream to the area to reduce pain. Nowadays, all of our cosmetic filler products even come with a numbing solution pre-added to provide more relief to clients during the treatment.

Myth 4: There is a lot of bruising and downtime

While it’s true that bruising can occur after receiving dermal fillers, it luckily doesn’t last for a very long time and generally won’t stop you from immediately returning to your everyday life. Lips will bruise most for 1-2 days and slowly resolve, which under eye hollow treatments generally have bruising that can be covered up with makeup.

Bruising is most likely to occur in areas with strong blood supply like the lips. However, bruising is likely to last only a few days, and there are many things you can do to prevent and treat it.

We provide our clients with Arnica gel that you can apply to bruised areas, or you can use ice packs to soothe and reduce the appearance of bruises. Moreover, you should avoid massaging or applying too much pressure on the area as well as avoiding exercise. Doing so could cause more bruising or swelling as well as to move the Restylane from its intended location, reducing its effect.

Transform Your Face with Fillers

If you want to enjoy the transformative effects of cosmetic filler, then feel free to book a complimentary Virtual Consult with Dr. Michalski using the link below to our website, Waterloo Medical Cosmetics. We are a medical spa based in Waterloo, Ontario, and specialize in cosmetic treatments, including dermal fillers and Restylane.

Call us on (226)-476-4367 or contact us via our website to make an appointment.

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