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Cosmetic Nurse Kelly's Advice for the Needle Phobic!

Kelly’s Suggestions For Fellow Needle-Phobes

We asked Kelly, one of our Cosmetic Nurses, to describe her approach to helping her needle-phobic clients through their injections. She will tell you that she herself, despite injecting patients thousands of times in her nursing career, does not like needles!!

Kelly tells us:

“I really hate needles, and break into a sweat every time I see one coming towards me. I can give them just fine, and I love getting my own treatments, but I hate the sight of the needle itself! I always bring my husband with me to be my support person. Having a hand to squeeze helps a lot!”

But… does it hurt? “It feels like a quick pinch, but nowhere near what I was expecting” reports a recent client. You’ll feel a quick pinching sensation which is usually quite a bit less uncomfortable than a mosquito bite.

At Waterloo Medical Cosmetics, we make a point of using the thinnest needles available, the same as those used to inject insulin in diabetic children. But Kelly understands the anxiety and has further advice: “Its also really important to breathe deeply. This helps me to calm my nerves and hold still through the procedure which is key to getting the best results. It's a tried and true approach that helps me to relax my mind!”

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Make sure to let your Cosmetic Nurse know you’re nervous. One option many clients appreciate, is the numbing cream we use that can be applied for 10-20 minutes to the injection areas. This medicated cream contains the same numbing agent used for stitches in the ER. But mention you want to take advantage of this option early in your discussion with your Cosmetic Nurse because it takes time to work. You don’t want to run out of time for your procedure!

Kelly also swears by the “one-two-three-ouch” technique to give her clients a sense of control over the situation. That way they know exactly when to expect a poke, and just as importantly, when they know they’re not!

“Having a stress ball to squeeze can help if you can’t get a friend to come with you.” Kelly continues, “Having something in your hand to focus on can make a huge psychological difference.” Her final suggestion is to consider using a weighted blanket, which we offer for our clients at our location within Romeo’s (187 King Street S, Waterloo).

In any case know that if you hate needles, you’re in good company! We’ll get you through it!


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