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Cool Peel & Laser Hair Removal Increasingly Popular for Men

​​Today's laser technology allows laser hair removal for many parts of the body. This makes it a perfect simple, painless, and longer-lasting hair removal method for both women and men. Undergoing laser hair removal can lead to permanent results if desired, helping you to save time while also avoiding annoying razor bumps, ingrown hairs, or spending weekly on supplies related to hair removal.

Laser hair removal is not the only laser treatment men have begun to embrace. Laser skin resurfacing has become a trend for men looking to put their best self forward. .

An increasingly popular treatment for men

Laser treatments for men are becoming one of our most requested treatments by men at Waterlo Medical Cosmetics. In particular we’re seeing men opting for laser hair removal of the chest and back, often in addition to laser skin resurfacing of the face.

Many male athletes prefer little to no hair on parts of their bodies to help improve their sports performance. Cyclists wear tight clothing and excessive hair can result in uncomfortable chafing. Bodybuilders are known for their impressive physiques and wish to display their hard work. Swimmers are also known for having laser hair removal to help gain speed in the pool.

Laser Hair Removal

Is it Different for Men and Women?

There are absolutely no differences in terms of how the process is completed. Men and women will experience a similar level of results; the medical lasers used at WMC are safe for all skin types.

Laser hair treatments work by directing a concentrated beam of light into the desired location. Individual hair follicle pigment, or melanin, absorbs this light, which warms the root and prevents it from sprouting.

Treatment Areas

There are various areas men treat with laser hair removal. The most common regions include the back & chest, shoulders, groin area and buttocks but all areas can be treated safely.


Laser hair removal is perfect for guys who want to change up their look. The procedure eliminates the possibility of ingrown hairs and helps reduce itchiness and discomfort from chafing. For those commonly afflicted with razor burn, laser hair removal is a better option for you. Our medical grade lasers can treat all skin types.

CoolPeel® Laser Skin Resurfacing

How it Works

CoolPeel® is a revolutionary technique that safely and comfortably gives the benefits of the typical CO2 resurfacing treatment. Damaged skin is eliminated by targeting only the outer layer of skin tissue, revealing a youthful, healthier, and brighter complexion. Minimal redness and downtime make this a great treatment for people who want little to no downtime.


CoolPeel® uses precision laser skin resurfacing to gently treat the skin and stimulate collagen growth, creating a refreshed natural look. Think of it as taking your skin back five years. This has been one our most popular treatments for men, especially those affected by sun damage, including our own Dr Michalski!

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Our team of experts at Waterloo Medical Cosmetics can help you or a loved one refresh their look. Text us at (226) 887-1208 to schedule an appointment or complimentary consultation You may also send us a message with your inquiries via our online contact form.

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