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Be Hair Free for Your Winter Vacation!

Fall is truly the best time for laser hair removal. The cooler air and shorter days make staying away from the sun easier, which ultimately benefits your healing skin. Plus, if you're going on a winter vacation, fall is the perfect time to get your body ready for the beach.

If you're looking for a convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair while also preparing for your next vacation, you should book a laser hair removal treatment at Waterloo Medical Cosmetics this fall.


Laser hair removal is a permanent form of hair removal, which uses light to “burn off” hair follicles. Laser hair removal is an effective and safe procedure that eliminates hair from an area in seconds. Benefits of this treatment include:

  • removes hair at the root, making it impossible for hair to grow back

  • The medical lasers at WMC can be used for all skin types, including South Asian and African skin types

  • laser hair removal treatments help you avoid painful ingrown hairs

  • appointments are fast and easy, and they won’t get in the way of your busy schedule

  • laser hair removal treatments are safe and effective

So, now you might be wondering: “When should I start laser hair removal treatments?”

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular hair removal methods today, and although it requires multiple treatment sessions to achieve the results you want, the medical lasers we use require fewer sessions than most clinics on average. To effectively space out your treatment sessions, you should start the hair removal process well before your winter getaway.

With laser hair removal, each session takes roughly 15-45 minutes (depending on the areas to be treated) and leaves you with minimal redness and swelling. You'll also have time to heal between sessions and are less likely to experience side effects.

Can Avoid Excessive Perspiration

Don’t sweat getting laser hair removal treatments in the fall! During this cooler time of year, you won’t get worked up by the summer heat. The cooler temperatures will spare your sensitive hair follicles after the treatment.

Proper timing of your laser hair removal treatments can save you from excessive perspiration, discomfort, and unwanted side effects. Therefore, fall is the perfect season for many cosmetic treatments, especially laser hair removal.

You’ll Be Bikini Ready in Time for Vacation

The best part about having laser hair removal treatments done in the fall is that you'll be able to enjoy your winter vacation without worrying about shaving or waxing.

You can also use these winter months as an opportunity to start preparing for summer vacation by getting a sunless tanning treatment and other whole-body cosmetic services. Talk to the team at Waterloo Medical Cosmetics today to learn more about the many services we have to offer.

Book a Laser Hair Removal Session Today

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective ways to eliminate unwanted hair, but it can be tricky to find time for it. The best thing about the fall season is that you’ll have plenty of time to start your treatments before winter vacation and well before next summer. Package promotions available, most people require 4-6 sessions.

Don’t wait another day to start your hair removal journey. Book your appointment with Waterloo Medical Cosmetics by giving us a call at (226) 476-4367 or simply fill out our online form.

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