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Eyelash Services

Eyelash Extensions


Let your gorgeous eyes take the spotlight and get those signature fluttery lashes you’ve always wanted with our lash extensions. The service is relatively straightforward and painless when performed by one of our skilled aestheticians. If you’ve been hunting for eyelash extensions near you, simply drop in at Waterloo Medical Cosmetics and let’s create a custom look for you.


The service will begin with a detailed discussion on the desired shape and look of your lash extensions. Next, our expert will manually start gluing individual lashes meticulously onto your own lashes, taking extreme care to ensure your eyes are not harmed in any way. The process requires expert precision to achieve the best results.

Eyelash extensions in Kitchener serve to enhance your eyes and save you the time and effort you spend tending to your lashes every morning. With our eyelash extensions, you are ready to walk out the door with minimal effort.

Lash Lifts


Very often, all your lashes need to truly stand out is some tender love and care in the form of a lash lift. Our lashes tend to droop down or become straight , and trying to fix them every day can be quite a chore. That’s where lash lifts come in and save the day while saving you a lot of time and hassle too.

Eliminating the need for any extensions, lash lifts are a relatively simpler treatment that is like a perm for your lashes. With the help of a special serum, we expertly curl your lashes and ensure they stay that way. This leaves you with a semi-permanent look of always curled and lifted lashes!

You get to decide the strength of the curl you desire, and our experts ensure the serum never comes in contact with the area around your eyes, so there's no need to worry. All products and ingredients used are Health Canada approved.

Eyebrow Tinting


Sometimes, all your eyebrows need is a bit of color to truly stand out. As part of our eyebrow tinting service, we use a special dye to tint your brows and help you achieve darker, fuller, and thicker brows. The outer hairs of your brows tend to be finer, we can also use tinting techniques to highlight these fine hairs and define the shape of your brows.


We always try to bring you the most effective yet natural treatments. In addition to eyebrow tinting in Waterloo, we also offer henna brows near you. Instead of using regular brow dyes, we use a plant-based dye that naturally tints your brows and the skin around it, achieving a full and bold brow. Many clients like to try our Henna brow service prior to booking Microblading, this gives them the opportunity to see what a fuller brow would look like.


Eyelash Tinting

We offer a combination of lash lift and tint near you to help you achieve the perfect wide-eyed look. After lifting and curling your eyelashes during the lash lift treatment, we ensure they stay that way with a keratin-infused serum. However, for a lasting alternative to mascara, we use lash tinting to further bring out your individual lashes and make them appear fuller.

The process is quite similar to eyebrow tinting - our experts use special dyes to tint your individual hairs. The color is chosen according to your skin tone and hair color and is meant to darken your lovely lashes.

By offering services like lash lift and brow tint near you, we hope to empower you to flaunt your beautiful eyes without the hassle of curling or filling in your lashes and brows every day. Reach out to us and let our experts help you select the best treatments to bring out your eyes.


Common Questions

Are these treatments safe?


We understand it is natural to worry about any treatments that take place around the eyes, be it lash lifts, extensions, or even microblading in Kitchener. At Waterloo Medical Cosmetics, our experts take utmost care to ensure our procedures don't harm your eyes. We also use proven products which don’t damage the sensitive skin around your eyes.


Which lash procedure is right for me?

Everyone is different and may require different solutions when it comes to achieving those selfie-ready eyes. Our experts will examine your lashes, discuss what kind of look you have in mind, and then suggest the best procedure for you. At times, we may even suggest a combination of services for better results.


Do you offer different packages?


We hope to give you as many options as possible when you seek out our services, be it for cosmetic injectables near you or aromatherapy massages near you. Even when it comes to lash extensions, we have a range of different packages depending on your lash goals. We can help you pick the one that best matches your personal goals.

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