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Eyelash Extensions

The service will begin with a detailed discussion on the desired shape and look of your lash extensions. Next, our expert will manually start gluing individual lashes meticulously onto your own lashes, taking extreme care to ensure your eyes are not harmed in any way. The process requires expert precision to achieve the best results.

Lash Lifts

Eyelash extensions in Kitchener serve to enhance your eyes and save you the time and effort you spend tending to your lashes every morning. With our eyelash extensions, you are ready to walk out the door with minimal effort.

Let your gorgeous eyes take the spotlight and get those signature fluttery lashes you’ve always wanted with our lash extensions. The service is relatively straightforward and painless when performed by one of our skilled aestheticians. If you’ve been hunting for eyelash extensions near you, simply drop in at Waterloo Medical Cosmetics and let’s create a custom look for you.

Very often, all your lashes need to truly stand out is some tender love and care in the form of a lash lift. Our lashes tend to droop down or become straight , and trying to fix them every day can be quite a chore. That’s where lash lifts come in and save the day while saving you a lot of time and hassle too.

Eliminating the need for any extensions, lash lifts are a relatively simpler treatment that is like a perm for your lashes. With the help of a special serum, we expertly curl your lashes and ensure they stay that way. This leaves you with a semi-permanent look of always curled and lifted lashes!

You get to decide the strength of the curl you desire, and our experts ensure the serum never comes in contact with the area around your eyes, so there's no need to worry. All products and ingredients used are Health Canada approved.

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Common Questions


What is a laser and how do they work?

Lasers use specific wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin or hair follicle. By adjusting the wavelengths of the light, the intensity and the surface area affected, our Skin Specialists can cause a wide range of changes to the skin.

Are these treatments safe?

We understand it is natural to worry about any treatments that take place around the eyes, be it lash lifts, extensions, or even microblading. At Waterloo Medical Cosmetics, our experts take utmost care to ensure our procedures don't harm your eyes. We also use proven products which don’t damage the sensitive skin around your eyes.

What does it feel like and are there side effects? 

Although our laser’s have a large range of uses, there can be side effects. Post treatment you may notice some mild burning/tightening sensation, redness, swelling, which is completely normal. It would be unusual for pain to linger or for blistering to occur, occasionally the laser can cause cold-sores to flare, we will not work on an area with active cold-sores, this will be discussed during your consultation.  

The sensation during the procedure has sometimes been compared to a light rubber band snapping against the area that becomes less noticeable after a few minutes, we offer numbing and cooling for patient comfort, but most clients say it is quick and painless. In particular, our Coolpeel laser, is used for skin resurfacing to create glowing skin, it was specifically designed for minimal discomfort and downtime, creating only a mild “sunburn-like” redness for a day or so and leaves you with the smoothest, glowing skin. 


To reduce the chance of complications, we’ll send you home with post-treatment instructions and a list of do’s and don’ts. In particular, you’ll want to avoid touching the area, certain medications like retinol and strenuous activities for a few days. Not to worry, our Skin Specialists will guide you through the entire process, so you know what to do!


Cost: We recommend booking a free consultation to get the most accurate pricing.

What lasers can achieve:

  • Eliminate hair over the long term in all skin types I-VI 

  • Resurface acne scars & reduce active inflammatory acne

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • Tightening skin and pore size

  • Remove spider veins on the face and body

  • Reduce Rosacea and overall redness

  • Remove sunspots (solar lentigo)

  • Resurface the skin’s surface to create a wonderful glow

  • Collagen production

What laser do we have?

Quanta Evo Light which holds 3 lasers ND:YAG 1064 nm, 755 Alexandrite nm, Nd:YAG532 lasers which means we can work on all skin types(colour) and Deka CoolPeel. 


Do you offer different packages?

We hope to give you as many options as possible when you seek out our services, be it for cosmetic injectables near you or aromatherapy massages near you. Even when it comes to lash extensions, we have a range of different packages depending on your lash goals. We can help you pick the one that best matches your personal goals.

Laser Hair Removal

Can range from $50 for spot treatments or for small areas of Laser Hair Removal to $325 for Full Leg, packages are available which can decrease the cost significantly. Most clients require 6 sessions with a 30% decrease after your first session.

Cool Peel

$800 - for a full Coolpeel (fractional ablative treatment)

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