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Waxing Services

Facial Waxing


Whether you need eyebrow waxing in Waterloo or need to get rid of hair from your entire face, our range of facial waxing services have you covered. You can go with a full-face waxing session for a smooth and hairless face or address specific areas of concern such as the brows, lip, chin, and cheek waxing services at Waterloo Medical Cosmetics.


The skin on your face is sensitive, and hence we try to make your waxing session as quick and pain-free as possible. Using proven techniques, our aestheticians will swiftly go about the hair removal process while paying close attention to delicate areas like your brows and upper lips. We recommend letting your facial hair grow out a bit before your waxing session for better results.

Many of our clients give up on shaving and other facial hair removal methods after trying our facial waxing services. They fall in love with the results and notice a decrease in hair regrowth.

Full Body Waxing


Only a full body wax near you can give you the confidence to be truly summer-ready. You can choose a comprehensive experience where we patiently help eliminate unwanted hair from all over your body. Depending on your needs, we can also focus on specific areas of your body through our services like underarms waxing near you and leg waxing near you.

Unlike shaving waxing will leave you with exfoliated and supple skin, without the risks of nicks, cuts, or razor burns. Since it pulls the hair from its roots, it delays the regrowth process, giving you superior lasting results. Once your hair grows back, you'll notice it's finer and easier to eliminate.

When performed correctly by an expert, a waxing session is exactly what you need to address unwanted body hair. It’s an effective and long-lasting solution that benefits your skin because of its exfoliating effect.

Intimate Waxing


Nobody likes the thought of frequently addressing unwanted body and facial hair. However, when it comes to your intimate parts, safety and hygiene are primary concerns. Waxing procedures like a bikini or Brazilian wax are your best bet when it comes to safely getting rid of unwanted hair from your intimate areas.


When it comes to intimate waxing, we understand the skin in your intimate areas is more sensitive. Our experts will always ensure you receive appropriate care, and the utmost attention is paid to hygiene as well. Whether you’ve been looking for a bikini wax in Kitchener or a bikini wax in Waterloo, we are conveniently located in the heart of Uptown Waterloo.


A simple bikini wax will only get rid of hair along your bikini line and is the perfect solution for swimsuit season. On the other hand, our Brazilian wax in Kitchener involves carefully waxing hair off your entire pubic region. The result is smooth, hairless, and exfoliated skin without any prickly stubble to worry about.


Common Questions

Why is waxing better than shaving?


As any cosmetic clinic in Kitchener will tell you, waxing is the safest and most effective method of ridding yourself of unwanted hair. Shaving may seem like a more convenient method, but it results in stubble, ingrown hairs, and faster hair regrowth. Waxing ensures your hair is extracted from the roots, and any new hair that grows back will be lighter and finer.


Is waxing safe?

With any hair removal technique, you either run the risk of cutting or damaging your skin in some way. When it comes to our waxing services, you can relax knowing you are in the capable hands of our experts. Our skilled team has years of experience waxing countless happy customers, and they'll always ensure the safety of your skin by using the right techniques and quality wax.


Can I choose to wax just one part of my body?


Just like we offer customized facials in Kitchener or eyelash extensions near you, we also offer special add-on waxing services to meet all your needs. While many of our customers opt for full face and body waxing sessions, we can customize our services according to your requirements. Reach out to us and let us help you achieve the silky, smooth skin you deserve.

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