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Smize Your Way Through Holiday Parties

Have you ever noticed that models have an iconic gaze; one in which they have a mesmerizing allure to their eyes? Although they may be born with their high cheekbones, this gaze is a learned expression for use in professional photo shoots and on the runways. With a bit of practice, you too can master this captivating look and use it to look bold and confident at upcoming parties, holiday celebrations, and more!

The smize, coined by modelling legend Tyra Banks, is the gaze you’ll want to use to look playful, fierce, and friendly all at once without even moving your lips. But what does this funny-sounding term mean, and how can you do it yourself? In this article, we will discuss the what, how, when, where, and why of smizing.

The Art of Smizing

So, what is smizing? Smizing is a blending of the words “smile” and “eyes.” It is the act of smiling with only your eyes. This facial expression involves using your muscles to brighten and lift the eyes, much like you would when smiling, but without moving your lips.

The result? A subtle facial expression that makes you approachable and alluring without the need for a toothy grin. This expression can become even more effortless than smiling once you learn the technique. It’s also the perfect expression to utilize when wearing a mask since you’re forced to hide that beautiful smile.

Tips and Tricks

In this section, we will review how to master smiling with your eyes. Follow this step-by-step guide to achieve a perfectly friendly yet understated gaze.

  • Step 1: Find a mirror to practice on

  • Step 2: Smile normally in front of the mirror and observe how your eyes move

  • Step 3: Now, try to recreate the shape your eyes made by squinting them without moving your mouth

  • Step 4: Focus on tightening the lower eyelid muscles so the corners of your eyes crinkle upward

  • Step 5: Now, relax the lower facial muscles and fully engage the eye muscles by focusing on an object

  • Step 6: Practice capturing your gaze with a camera or by trying it on family and friends

Now you’re ready to smize at upcoming holiday parties and wow everyone you meet!

Holiday Events?

Wanting to look perfect for your holiday event? We often have last minute openings for facials, Botox or lip fillers before your big event. We can’t help with the smize, but we can help with everything else!

At Waterloo Medical Cosmetics, we are happy to offer a full menu of cosmetic services and treatments to help you get the smile — or smizeyou’re after. Come try Botox or dermal fillers to smooth, lift, and rejuvenate your facial features.

Contact us today at (226) 476-4367 to schedule an appointment or fill out our quick and simple online form to begin your beauty journey with us.

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