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Botox For Men

Guide to Botox and Fillers for Men

For your business, for your career, for you. Is Botox a good fit?

Botox is a protein derived from naturally occurring bacteria that is injected in minuscule doses to cause the nerves in your face to decrease the facial muscle contractions. The effect? Those wrinkles from underlying muscles smooth out: ideally in men, not fully but just enough to make you look like you were on vacation.

Botox (at Waterloo Medical Cosmetics, we prefer a newer variation of Botox called Dysport) will last about 3-6 months for most people. Some people who insist on super-low dosing will find this tends to wane a bit faster. This isn’t a problem, everyone’s built a bit differently and as you work with your nurse injector, we’ll find out the dosing that’s right for you.

Dermal Fillers (Juvederm and Restylane) are medical “gels" which do not cause muscles to relax, but instead physically lift facial structures. For men, jaw contouring to a give a more angled, chiseled appearance is probably the most common request, however as skin sags somewhat with time, the lines between the mouth and nose become targets as well.

No-one likes needles, but for Botox/Dysport the needles are the same as those used to inject insulin in children. Most guys tolerate this with only the usual needle-anxiety, but for those with more sensitive faces a numbing agent can be applied prior to the treatment. For Dermal Fillers, a slightly larger needle has to be used, and so a numbing agent is applied before injection.

Particularly for men, an obvious “done” look is not generally sought out. With a moderate injection approach, the vast majority of patients will look “vacation-refreshed”, however those who expect every wrinkle to disappear can push their Nurse into doing too much and generating a plastic, artificial look. Some movement (and wrinkling) in your face is a good thing! Remember, when your friends ask if you were on vacation, then we’re doing our job right!

Cost is a common concern. At Waterloo Medical Cosmetics we focus on a moderate injection technique to produce both natural results and a moderate cost and our packages moderate costs further. However, because of the larger musculature men have in their faces, you will require a somewhat larger dose of Botox/Dysport to have the same effect. Chat with one of our nurses about your goals.


Ideally, no one would get Botox or Fillers immediately prior to any big event. Everyone is different and so dosing is ideally sorted out months in advance.

Book a consult, in person or virtually using a selfie to allow one of our Nurse Specialists to give you some suggestions on what we can do, and what to consider if we aren’t a good solution for you.

Next book an in-person consult to allow our Medical Director, Dr. Michalski, ensure you’re medically appropriate to receive injectables. At the same time you can try your first injections to allow your Nurse-injector to learn what dosing is right for your face and goals. For most men this means emphasizing the horizontal lines of the upper forehead with or without the crows feet around the eyes. For many men, this is often enough.

After your appointment you can expect an onset of improvement over the first week or so, with maximal effect by two weeks. Everyone’s different and we aim to under-dose rather than over dose and follow up in person at 14 days. Putting more in is easy, but no one wants the plastic look. Be patient, getting the right look for you is half art and have science, but it will take time to tweak the dosing. Continuing to work with your Nurse Injector on an ongoing basis will help a lot in this regard.

From our team at Waterloo Medical Cosmetics, we look forward to working with you!


with Cosmetic Nurses Kelly or Anndrea today!

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