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Waterloo Medical Cosmetics is one of the leading medical spa providers of Dysport injections in Kitchener-Waterloo. Our Cosmetic Nurses are highly trained and experienced — and because none of our staff is on commission, our focus stays on making you a more beautiful version of yourself, not on pushing product!

What is Dysport?


Dysport is a modern version of Botox and is our preferred treatment for crow’s feet, “11-lines” (between the eyebrows) and forehead lines. Small amounts of Botox help to get the facial muscles to relax, reducing wrinkles in the skin and preventing wrinkles from forming. 


Low doses in a few areas help create a natural look for a more confident you!


Text us here for your complimentary Virtual Consult with Dr Michalski ! 519-887-1208




​Please contact us directly for pricing. We have a number of package prices to moderate prices for clients looking to treat a few areas, or looking to maintain their appearance over 6-12 months.


What To Expect From Treatment


After booking an appointment with us, you’ll receive an email that will provide you with the basic details (such as our address and parking information), along with a list of do’s and don’ts to ensure your session goes smoothly. An hour or so before your appointment, we’ll send you a text message to remind you about your upcoming appointment. Upon arrival, you’ll meet our reception staff who will direct you to the treatment room. 


You’ll meet one of our Cosmetic Nurses Anndrea or Kelly, who will discuss your goals, the risks and benefits of our treatments and make some suggestions. Our staff are never commissioned, so the advice they give is truly what they think is best for you! 


This will be followed by a consultation with our physician, Dr. Michalski, MD, either in person or through tele-medicine (don’t worry, we make this really simple). Assuming that you are medically appropriate for our care, our treatments can generally be carried out on the same day. Afterwards, you’ll receive information on post-procedure facial care.. After this, you’ll be good to go — but we encourage everyone to come for a complimentary two week follow up to make sure everything is perfect!


In-Home Treatment

Many of our clients are extremely private and prefer their customized care at home. We can bring the same level of care and safety right to your home.

Both Dysport and Restylane skin fillers can be provided in-home. A $250 fee applies for home services -- however, this can be waived if 4 or more friends choose this service together. This is a great way for nervous friends to see how this goes! You are always welcome to bring a support person (or curious friend!) to any appointment.

After Treatment


For every client, we want to make sure your face is picture-perfect — which is why we try to follow-up in person with every client around the two week mark. Of course, if you have concerns you can be seen earlier. 


If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to ask us!

“Down-time” usually means some bruising with Botox/Dysport, some more swelling and bruising with facial dermal fillers and some extra swelling with lip fillers, not usually lasting more than a few days. You’ll need to stay upright, avoid sleeping on the injected area and avoid alcohol.





Common Questions


Does it hurt?


We have never had anyone refuse to return for Dysport (Botox) or Skin Fillers because of discomfort. This is largely due to the expert training our nurses receive, the numbing creams we use and the specialized equipment we use. Our needles are the smallest available (they are the same type used to inject insulin in diabetic children).


Will I will look frozen or surprised?


Hollywood has given Dysport and Botox quite the reputation! Many people believe that Dysport will cause the face to look frozen or surprised. When used by our expert staff, Dysport treatments create a wonderful, refreshed “back from vacation” look. 


Unlike most med-spas, our staff are never on commission! As such, they can focus on refreshing your face and not on pushing product!


Isn’t it expensive?


It is true that Dysport (Botox) is a larger up-front expense; however because it lasts so long, it becomes more affordable. Dysport typically lasts 3-5 months and costs $50 to $300, depending on the number of areas treated and the dosage required. That’s roughly $10-$80 per month to have a refreshed, smooth appearance. 


Compare this to monthly expenditures on hair, skin creams or gym memberships! In addition, we offer package discounts. Contact our staff to discuss options!


Do only older people get Dysport (Botox)?


It is true that women and men in their late 30s will commonly use Dysport or Botox to treat visible wrinkles. However, if the goal is to prevent them from forming, Dysport can be started earlier. 


It is recommended that a person consider preventative anti-wrinkle treatments in their mid to late 20s. However, low doses in specifically targeted areas should be used on a younger face to allow for movement, resulting in a youthful and natural appearance. Consider reading this article from Glamour  and ask about this at your consult!


What is the difference between Dysport (Botox) and Fillers


Dysport is a medicine that is injected in tiny quantities into muscles to help them relax. This makes it ideal to reduce fine lines caused by muscles wrinkling the skin — in particular, the 11-lines between the eyebrow or the horizontal lines of the forehead. 


Dermal Fillers are hyaluronic acid based medical gels that physically lift up the skin to add definition and volume. These are used more commonly in lip treatments and to smooth our under-eye hollows. However our Cosmetic Nurses are skilled in a number of facial contouring techniques!


What is the difference between Botox and Dysport


Dysport is just a modern version of Botox.


Is it safe?


Dysport (Botox) is extremely safe and has been used safely for decades. The only people who absolutely cannot receive Dysport are those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. 


There is no down-time exactly — however, you can expect some mild redness and bruising that is generally amenable to makeup. 


Lips tend to swell after treatments for 24-48 hours, where bruising in lips may persist for a week or so. In the unlikely event of a proptosis (drooping eyelid), we always maintain emergency medications on hand.


Do our Nurses receive specialized training?


Our Cosmetic Nurses are trained in advanced techniques, including advanced Botox treatments at Dr. Martin’s in Barrie, a leading Medical Cosmetics Training Centre. All clients are screened by our Medical Director, Dr. W. Michalski, MD, for safety and to ensure medical suitability for any treatment. 


All procedures are conducted with strict attention to safety. Our Nurses not only undergo specialized training; they also study ongoing continuing medical education in the field of cosmetic injectables. Read our Google Reviews for an idea of other clients’ experiences!


Is Dysport Safe?


Dysport is extremely safe. The effects of Dysport last for about 3-5 months for cosmetic injections and 5-7 months for excessive sweating. 


There is no down-time — however, you can expect some mild redness and occasional bruising that is amenable to makeup.



Contact Us: 226-476-4367


Waterloo Medical Cosmetics is a leading provider of Dysport injections in Kitchener-Waterloo. We provide complimentary consultations for dysport injections in both Waterloo and Kitchener. 


If you have any questions about Dysport versus Botox and the differences between each treatment or want to learn more about our services, contact us today!

Looking to pay for treatments in installments? We’ve partnered with Medicard to make that possible. Apply online here

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