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Dysport Injections in Kitchener Waterloo

Dysport is a non-surgical form of wrinkle treatment. Dysport injections are administered to smooth the appearance of the face by reducing wrinkles and frown lines that often appear on the forehead due to stress or age; it functions by preventing muscle contractions which cause wrinkles and frown lines. People all over the Kitchener Waterloo area are opting for Dysport as an alternative to Botox and a treatment reducing lines and wrinkles.

Dysport VS Botox: What's the Difference?

Dysport and Botox have the same functions. For instance, the procedure for their application is the same, they are primarily used to prevent wrinkles, and they are both botulinum toxins. However, they have some subtle differences which mostly lie in the amount of trace proteins they have (Botox has more of it) and safety precautions that one should consider before and after treatment. Nonetheless, Dysport is proven to be an effective treatment for wrinkles.

Although Botox has been on the market longer and has more brand recognition, the two products provide the same benefits and risks and are essentially the same. If you're unsure which of the two wrinkle treatments are right for you, please feel free to call (226) 476-4367 or to book a free consultation!

About Dysport Injections at Waterloo Medical Cosmetics

The procedure uses the smallest needles available, the same as those used to inject insulin in diabetic children. Clients are usually surprised how little discomfort they experience! When needed, a numbing cream can be applied 15-20 minutes before injections. Read Cosmetic Nurse Kelly's advice for those who, like her, are seriously needle averse!


We charge $10/unit of Dysport which usually means for the "11 lines" between the eyes, a typical cost is $220-400, for forehead usually $60-120 and crows feet $240-360. Most women tend to be towards the lower end, and most men towards the upper due to the difference in musculature.

Dysport is extremely safe and lasts for about 3-5 months. In clinical trials 90% of patients reported an improvement of “moderate to better” in the appearance of frown lines. Improvements are typically seen in 2-3 days. There is no down-time but you can expect some mild redness and occasionally bruising that is amenable to makeup.


Many of our clients are extremely private, and prefer their customized care at home. We can bring the same level of care and safety you would receive in our clinic to your home for you, alone or with friends. Both Dysport & Restylane Skin Fillers can be provided in-home. We serve both Kitchener and Waterloo for in home Dysport treatments.

A $200 visit fee applies and is waived when treating 5 or more individuals. 

Please note we cannot treat individuals who have been consuming alcohol or cannabis prior to discussing treatment options with our medical director, which occurs just before our Cosmetic Nurse provides the treatments.

Dysport Costs:
Dysport Treatment and Effects:
Dysport at Home Treatments:

What do I need to know before getting Dysport Injections in Kitchener Waterloo?

For better results, you are advised to avoid blood thinning medication, such as Aspirin and Motrin as well as vitamins and herbal supplements before undergoing Dysport injections. This is to prevent bruising or bleeding during the procedure. Alcohol is also discouraged as it increases the risk of bruising. 

You should continue to use all prescribed medications. Please mention any prescribed medications during your consultation with Dr Michalski. 

Additionally you should refrain from waxing, bleaching, or using any hair removal chemicals on the part which is to be treated. It is equally important to communicate to the doctor about any medication and prescriptions which you have as well as any medical conditions (including allergies) which might affect your treatment or recovery.

Dysport can take a few days to fully take effect, and can last for up to four months. Dysport stays local to the muscles where it is injected, and naturally metabolizes over time.

Post Care Advice for Dysport Injections

Some post-treatment instructions to follow include avoiding strenuous activities, including exercising, which can lead to sweating, consequently affecting the efficiency of Dysport. For at least 4 hours following treatment you should avoid lying down, rubbing, or massaging the treatment area. By avoiding things which can raise blood pressure, and things which can move the injected Dysport, you minimize the risk of bruising and misplaced units. 

After receiving Dysport in one of our Kitchener or Waterloo locations, we always advise patients to try exercising the muscles by smiling, frowning, and clenching jaws. This helps to ensure the Dysport is worked into the muscles it is meant to relax. Lastly, consult with the doctor in case of any unusual effects.

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